Any more news on leica hd-b binos

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    Aug 21, 2008
    I have the Gunwerks G7 Br2 rangefinder...It is AWESOME!!Looking at this new LEICA GEOVID...SOUNDS GREAT!!!, But does it take instant temp ,ALTITUDE and baro readings OR if these are fixed values inputted into the SD card when you set that up with you other ballistic info... and if essentially the shooting angle is the only instant measurement that deviates from your fixed ballistic calculations.

    THE G7 calculates all factors and will spit out a number called a SHOOT TO DISTANCE..this is of course after being programed with your base ballistic values. . On the Leica site it says it does all of the above except Altitude...That is a big one as I run 1 BDC Turret on My Night Force..set for 2000 ft elevation, and hunt at 10,000 all the time..and everything in between...that is where the Br2 really shines...I guess needing to know if the Leica does this....Also wished it was 12 power.... any new updates before we pull the trigger on these new glasses would be helpful...THANKSgun)
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    May 12, 2009
    Well, that is one of the reasons that I drove down to the Western Sportsman expo in Salt Lake City to attend the show for the past couple of days. A couple of dealers had the bino there as well as Leica. Man, I tell ya, even the Leica reps could not answer questions about them so I gave up. I'd really like to see a side by side comparison between them and the g7 rangefinder by someone neutral.

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    Apr 26, 2009
    the leicas I received have worked great. When you program the sd card to your custom load all it needs is the velocity, bullet weight and bc. the binos do the rest for pressure temp angle. Gives hold over corrections in inches, moa, clicks(1/4" and 1/3") altitude isn't an issue because that's what the pressure is for. in my opinion the only thing the geovids don't do compared to the br2 is the wind hold. in fact the ballistic program that the geovids use is developed by g7 who make the br2 rangefinder.