Antelope hunt for 2009

Bud Martin

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Apr 6, 2009
long range Antelope hunt pics for 2009

This first picture is Lacy and his 861 yard buck. it was taken with his 338-416 and a 300 grn smk. he made a great heart shot as the antelope was lying down watching us. this second picture is of Scott with his 445 yard antelope. not really a long range shot but in a 20mph cross wind he made a perfect double lung shot while this antelope was walking broadside with his 7x300 weatherby and a 175 grn nosler partion on this antelope. the third picture is of me with my antelope I took after all the clients left. it was 702 yards walking broadside and a perfect double lung shot. taken with my custom model 70 264 win. mag. and a 140 grn smk.
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Bud, nice pix.

You sure do cater to the long range crowd. And I like it that you shoot long yourself, proving that you know how to help coach your clients.

Didn't you kill one over 800 yards a while back, too?
Len, thanks for the pat on the back. I did get a nice buck last year at 925 with the same rifle and the gent in the second picture ( Scott ) shot a real nice whitetail buck at 947 last year. maybe I can get them pictures posted after season and things slow down a bit.
Bud, real nice bucks, congrats to you and to your clients.
Might go there sometime. PM the information you have for clients please.
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