2009 Deer and antelope


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Jun 4, 2006
The morning started off rainy, so we left town a little later than I wanted. As luck would have it, we hit this deer on the way to our antelope area. Didn't hurt my big grill guard, but cartwheeled down the side and took out the left rear door.


Made it to the antelope area (73) and found this buck bedded down around 10:00. We snuck up to abour 490 and finally got him to stand up. Dialed the scope and pressed the trigger. Shot hit high right behind the shoulder and exited back through the liver. Kids had a blast! He is about 15" tall, but thin and poor cutters. This is always a good, easy trip for the kids and thats what means the most. Shot him with an XCR Tactical 308, 168 Amax.

Glad you got your Antelope that's a heck of way to get your deer. Looks like your starting em young that's awesome. Can't wait to take my Grandson to Wyoming to get his first Lope.
Sorry about the deer and the damage but congratulations on your antelope.

That's a couple of good looking "packers" you've got there. Start them young and teach them right and you'll have hunting buddies for life.:)
Nice buck, congratulations, I am sure your kids really enjoyed the hunting trip. They look very happy in the pictures. You must feel very happy of having done that with your kids.
Sorry to hear about hitting the deer with the truck.
Great anterlope photos, they are first class. Just wondering what cal what distance back in old times the whinchester .270 was the anterlope medicine but now days anything goes ,Ive seen prong horns along time ago when I lived in Alberta Canada but now I Live in Australa I was just showing my kids what thay look like. Do they make a good meal?
I took that antelope at 490 yards with a 308Win. If they are properly taken care of in the field, they are excellent eating! Thanks for the kind words.
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