Ammo Storage Boxes


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Apr 12, 2015
I am new to this forum thing. I need help locating a couple things if they exist. I have purchased a 375 Chey Tac and a 505 Gibbs. I am loading my own ammo for both. I have located all of my components for both. Now comes the glitch in my program. I can not locate ammo boxes for either cartridge. Does anyone know who if anyone makes such thing? I am working my way up to 500 rounds of each for now with the goal of doubling that. Therefore I need numerous boxes. I have heard of people placing them in ammo cans loose which I do not regard as an option. Any help on this would be wonderful.

Cheyenne 1

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Dec 9, 2007
Had the same problem. It is almost impossible to find any ammo boxes that work for anything I load for. They always seem to rattle or some of them are so snug you can hardly get the cases in or out. And if you shoot a big bullet that is seated out a ways there is no chance of closing the lid.
Solution for me was to build my own ammo boxes. Here is a pic of one of them.
They take a little time to build.