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  1. htime8

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    Sep 17, 2010
    I just bought a remington 700 5r milspec in a 308 and was wondering if i could shoot 7.62mm ammo through it. I in no way want to damage this rifle. Ive been reading on the internet and it seems some ppl say yes and some say no. The reason i am asking is a friend of a friend has some 7.62mm nato ball m80 and said he would sell cheap. I was just looking for some cheaper ammo to punch paper and get some shells through this gun. I know very little about this ammo so I was hopping someone would have some info on this.

  2. Kevin Thomas

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Hi Jason,

    7.62x51 and 308 Win ammo is indeed interchangeable and won't pose a safety issue in your rifle. There can be some differences between the various 7.62 and 308 reamers out there, mostly centering on throating differences, neck thickness, that sort of thing. The real question for you is, why? The M80 ball ammo is perfectly safe to shoot in your rifle, but it's still essentially crap ammo, at least by what most of us are used to and have come to expect. The 147-152 grain FMJs loaded in this stuff is basically good for 2.5-3 MOA. Admittedly, some will shoot better than this, but that's a lot-to-lot difference, and there's no guarantee of what you're getting here. If it were M118LR ammo, totally different story, but the M80 is basically minute-of-tin-can plinking stuff, and nothing more.

    Do yourself a favor and go for something a bit better than this. Even the American Eagle white box stuff should do better than this, and probably won't cost you that much more. If you're reloading your own, go ahead with the M80, and just pull the bullets. Still have to deal with the crimped in primers, but at least your not wasting time with the FMJs.

    Kevin Thomas
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