All the parts are ordered


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I have all the parts coming for my 338 Lapua build. The donor rifle is at the gunsmiths, a PT&G Bolt and a #6 stainless fluted krieger barrel with a 1 in 9.35 twist have officially been ordered.
Congrats!!! Now the hard part begins. The waiting, it sucks. lol

I have a AI Laupa built on a BAT HRPIC, MCM A5 and 1-10 Lilja that is nearing completion. The closer it gets to being finished the more it is driving me crazy. I've bought 2 new guns, 17hmr and Howa 1500, in the last month mostly because I'm going crazy waiting for my 338 LM AI.
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