adjustable scope base question


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Feb 5, 2012
When using one do you start with your scopes elevation adjustment centered for best optical performance or do you screw it down and sight in using the base so you have the most verticle adjustment with your scope ?
Adjustable scope bases are adjustable for windage but not elevation. It is best to start with your scope at mechanical zero for both elevation and windage. What brand base are you using?
I was under the understanding that there are adjustable bases that will give you more elevation?
To me that is a lot to spend just for elevation increase but looks like it would definitely get the job done. What are you shooting?
just looking at it. Not really ready to buy it. I see some have 20moa bases to get more elevation, (I think that's what there called) is this just a base that slanted?
There are some bases that allow for elevation adjustment but most do not.[/QUOTE[URL="[/QUOTE"][/QUOTE[/URL]]

Anything new out there like this with 200 moa? And is this company still around? I had trouble contacting them?

Thanks for any info


I was reading the specs on the link. It says that the scope base "will eliminate paralex in your scope" LOL. I wonder how it does with the common cold??

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