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Jan 11, 2015
Flatlander KY
Well now that I have my barreled action I need to start putting it together. This leads me to the question, which action screws should I buy? I have a Stiller Tac 300 so it's 1/4-28 and a Manners stock with PTG oberndorf hinged floor plate.

Should I order screws from Midway for the Remington 700 or order them thru a bolt supplier. The only problem with the non factory bolts, is the head size. It's about .100 too large to fit the bottom metal.

Good question on the angle of the counterbores. I would have to call PTG to see if they are the same angle as the factory Remington stuff. They look to be the same as my 700 so maybe I'll just call Brownell's and talk to them about their extended bolts. I'll stop by my local gunstore to see if they have them before though. I guess I was just hoping for a magic part number for something I could pick up at lowes. Thanks
I think there is another concern with the screw counterbores. The action and the bottom metal aren't parallel with each other. The counterbores need to be cut at an angle in the bottom metal so the seats for the screws will be parallel to the receiver.

Every rifle may not be that way but I believe the one I am putting together is.
Order a set for the model 700 from Brownells or MidWay. They will fit the counterbores in the bottom metal,,,, regular bolts will not.

By the time you buy the screws, machine the bevel on the screw (45o) you will have more time and money invested than just buying the correct screws. Also I recommend buying Allen head screws instead of fillister head (Slotted) because they can be torqued easier.

Note; you will still have to cut the screws to the proper length for full engagement.

evening, Brownell 1-800-741-0015 the screw #'s Rem. 700ADL

Allen Trig and guard screw 084-272-700. this a 3 screw set for Rem. mod. 721

Rem 700 BDL Allen Trig guard screw 084-272-701 2 screw set for 700

I change all the screws in my 700 and 721 actions to these allen head screws.

The torque very easily. Norm is 35-45 inch lbs. wood or fiberglass.

I also go to a fastner company and if possible get SS Screws. some times I had to

shorten the screws Sometimes I get SS washers of different thickness to compensate for screw length and the level of torque.

Hope this was helpful

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I know its heresy, but what about a good hardware store and get 10-12 various 1/4 X 28 socket head bolts and trail and error. Maybe even taking one that's real close and maybe grinding a little for that custom fit.

I've done it every time when building custom Striker stocks. I can get carbon or stainless, and grind them if I need to.

I went ahead and just ordered the screws from Brownell's. I can't believe how much they charge for shipping two screws but that's another story.

I had looked at purchasing some from a local bolt supplier. But I was going to have to order them as well. Then I would have to grind the head down so it would fit inside the bottom metal. Here's what I was looking at purchasing...|categoryl1:%22600000%20Fasteners%22|~%20~|categoryl2:%22600039%20Sockets%22|~%20~|categoryl3:%22600042%20Flat%20Socket%20Cap%20Screws%22|~%20~|sattr04:^%221/4%22%20-%2028%22$|~%20~|sattr05:^Hex$|~%20~|attrlength:1450|~

Anways, it will take 7 days for Brownell's to drop my screws in a manilla envelope, charge me and arm and leg to put 3 stamps on it, and then send it to me. Hopefully I'll be shooting the new gun by the end of next week.

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