Action screws size?


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Apr 6, 2011
question about action screws. Are the threads the same from one gun manufacturer to the next (say remington, sako, rugar, weatherby)
I do not think I was very clear. Are the threads the same on the action screws. I know the lengths will vary from gun to gun but are the threads the same?
Simple answer.................NO.
The thread pitch and diameter are different between brands, not just the length.

Remington and Savage are 1/4-28. Winchester used 1/4-32 I believe. I don't know about the others.

If you go to the hardware store and ask for 1/4" fine thread you'll get 1/4-28 which will fit remington and savage. That's the way I made my headless bedding screws, I bought some long ones and cut the heads off. Beats paying brownell prices.
that is what I was looking for the threads and the pitch. Anyone have anymore to add. looking for weatherby mark v and vangaurd, sako, ruger..........

I do not think I was very clear. Are the threads the same on the action screws. I know the lengths will vary from gun to gun but are the threads the same?

The threads may/are different on different actions.

Also on some actions the rear action screws are a different size and thread. (1/4 28 and 10x32)
different length screws from front to back are also common.

To add to the mix some action screws are Metric.

Even if the actions are made by the same company, they can/do have different screws on different models.

One other problem, Each rifle may need different lengths of action screws because of stock thickness
and in order to get a full screw engagement.

So I recommend treating each rifle as an individual and fitting all screws to each for best fit and function.

103, if you have a bolt/screw wholesaler in your area, take the action screws to them and they can match with black or stainless. I always replace mine with Allen head and like Gary bought long screws for bedding there also. Good luck
I will have to try that. I was just trying to get some new action screws, non slotted. I appreciate all the help
If you have a gun made across the Pacific or Atlanta chances are the have METRIC Mortar Forker screws. On a new CZ 457 I even had to get a metric set of Allen wrenches to take the barrel out of the action. Ace Hardware usually has many screws and bolts in Yankee and Metric, carbon steel and stainless. Fasten All also has a pretty good selection of bolts and screws. Take the screws with you and fit each one. I have bought long bolts with only threads near the end. Then cut the head off and smooth and then shorten the threaded part till no threads show when screwed in the action. Makes good fit screws for stock making and glass bedding. Good Luck
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