Action screw torque accuracy testing?

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  1. diderr

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    Dec 16, 2007
    So I finally bought myself a FAT torque wrench, and I'm thinking of doing some testing. I have an FN action and found the "recommended" range is 45-65" lbs. I had my action bedded in Devcon and pillars installed by a competent gunsmith, so I'm positive the action is stress free. The base and rings are are at manufacturer spec.
    Here's what I was thinking of doing. starting at 45 and going up to 65 in 5" lb increments, and shooting a group at each setting.
    Will I notice any accuracy peaks or valleys doing this? Or am I just chasing unicorns? I already tweaked my handload to max accuracy and it will shoot in the high 0.1"s - low 0.2"s. Yes; a "normal" person would be ecstatic with this, but not me apparently. :D
    Thanks for your input.
  2. AZShooter

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Two of my friends shoot 1000 yd and torque their rifle action screws. They got me doing it with all my rifles. It isn't a bad idea to torque so should you take your rifle apart you can reassemble without altering POI as much.

    They like to start out with front action screw at 40 and rear at 35 in/lb. They will then alter rear action screw torque up or down in 5 in/lb increments noting changes. Then they would add 5 to front and rear and repeat.

    I like to start out with 45 front/40 rear and work from there. My 300 RUM likes 50/50 but most other rifles do well with 45/40.