absolute best scope???

John Baer

Sep 2, 2002
I'm looking for a scope to shoot up to 1000yd. I like the calibrated turrets that are customized to each gun load. I like the fact that set on 100yd I turn the dial to the yardage reading ie 675yd and am point blank no clicks just look at the dial. I need it simple as possible.
I want the best scope I can get.
Option 1
swarovski 6X24
Concerns clarity at 24X, Takes longer to get custom turetts, AO dont want to deal with it at end of scope.
option 2
Nightforce nxs
5-15 or 6-22. Concerns Hate the recticles. I'm a hunter and like a simple fine duplex.
option 3
Leupold. Clarity compared to top end scopes?
option 4
S&B 4-16 p/m 11
Concerncs Again recticle
Concern Light transmission, No parallax adj.

Another question is parralaxx adj need due to power of scope ie >12 or distance??

An comments appreciated.
"I like the calibrated turrets that are customized to each gun load. I like the fact that set on 100yd I turn the dial to the yardage reading ie 675yd and am point blank no clicks just look at the dial. I need it simple as possible."

This is a problem and the magnitude of the problem dependant upon several factors, flatness of trajectory, environmentals, target size and angles are four that immediately come to mind.

Calibrated turrets are handy but are not a cure all, the hunter must still understand the limitations and correction requirements. If you plan to hunt at one elevation (plus or minus a thousand feet or so), one standard temperature (plus or minus 5 or 10 degrees) and no angles you might be able to get away without a big problem.

I'd opt for the Leupold Long Range, it has duplex reticle option, side parallax, sufficient clarity and pretty tough. You can order custom turrets with your specific load data for various environmentals.

There is a chance that Zeiss will release the new 6 x 24 with 56 mm objective at the Shot Show this week. Will let you know when I return.
Any of the fore-mentioned scopes will do a job out to 1000. Sounds like you would like to simplify elevation setting down to one reading or number on a dial - only hope for that is a one-revolution turret like the U.S. Optics mentioned, a Leupold M3 (MK4 or LR) or the Schmidt and Bender tactical. Might be a few more, the old 10x Unertl sniper scopes did that job very well also. There are also custom BDC "wheels" for some of the tactical turrets that incorporate distance settings, believe the company was mentioned here a while back, Kenyon? Much greater problem is wind-drift and for that you simply need reliable, accurate turrets period.
The 30mm Euros are usually in metric, that might pretty much cancel them out as we like to think in inches and quarter inches, or MOA and quater MOA etc.
Duplex reticles are not the only hunting reticle. If you are talking 1000 yards you need a pretty fine reticle or you cover too much of the target. Believe some of the guys here are using target dots or extra fine duplex.
The NP-R2 offers hold-over points in the field of view, no cranking. Burris has a couple of reticles that also offer multiple constant aiming points. Easy to create workable charts for mildot scopes for field holdovers, real quick way to get accurate shots off out to 700. If you wish to shoot that far tapered bases might be a strong consideration but they may or may not work well with BDC equiped scopes.
Lots of stuff to mess your mind with...
I may be mistaken, (im sure if I am, someone will point it out) but I think only 1 but perhaps 2 of the scopes you mentioned have 8th minute clicks. The Swar15/NF22. I like the fact that my clicks at 1K are 1.25" instead of 2.5" each.

2. Not to sell you on burris, ( I like em). Go to the Burris web site and look at the first page of specifications that they have. It's a very informative table of specs on a whole bunch of scopes. (Many of which WILL NOT work for what you want.) Look at the column of perceived crosshair thickness. Now multiply all numbers by 10. That's how much of a target is covered by the crosshairs at 1K. The 12x and 15x scopes you mention simply are not going to be the best choice for you at that range. This is of course dependant upon your statement that you are "building for 1000 yds". I'd bet that 85% of the matches at williamsport last year were won with scopes of 32 power or higher. I can speak absolutely for the aggregate winners who ALL had 32 or 40 power scopes on thier guns. The winner for LG group in the world open used a 40 power nightforce.

The URL for the burris info is -

for example, in the black diamond series which is the only choice you have for 1K in burris, a 4-16 at max mag of 16 covers .17" of target at 100 yds. or 1.7" at 1K. Our x ring is 3 inches. now go horz/vert and what do you see.

At low mag it covers .62" or 6.2" at 1K.

The 8-32 covers .19" or 1.9" at 8x and .05" or .5" at 1000.

To my knoledge, Burris has the finest crosshairs on the market and certainly finer than the masses. I would be surprised to see anything approach them (in the fine plex). I know for a fact that the Nightforce crosshairs look like telephone poles compared to mine. Not to say that they are all like that, I did look at custom reticles. Were it not for the price, I would own a Nightforce. Fortunately, Im not so sure I'd be any happier. I will find out some day because I will own one.

My advice would be to look into a little more magnification for a few more dollars. All the above mentiond brands have more x's such as a vari-x 6.5-25 that can be sent away and made into a 13-50, etc. Leupold also makes some straight 40x scopes that would be awesome on a match gun. Trouble is, you couldn't find a house in it at short range.
No paralax... I wouldn't even look at it.

Leupold compared to "high end" scopes. I think what you refer to are "high priced" scopes. Personally, I don't like leupold scopes, many people love em and they sure do shoot well at the 1000yd ranges. I would consider them a "high end" scope though. Very high. I simply prefer a different construction and have opinions of my own about them. For me, I like the fact that Burris and Nightforce both offer the same warrant now that Leupold once did.

It is unfair to compare a 6-25 leupold to a 10-40 nightforce, as the extra magnification lends itself to loss of clarity. That's why more power allways costs more $$$$.

It is also unfair to compare say a straight 40x to a 10-40 because again, there are less parts and it will of course have a sharper image. You say you are a hunter, well then, I would most likely want to get a variable power scope. even at 1000yds and perhaps to 1500, you may have trouble finding a deer or other game in your straight power scope.

Off the cuff, I'd say the Leupold's are as clear as "anything" in thier class. They just, cut off the class at 25x.
IOR Valdada scopes might belong on your list as well.

The 6-24x50 comes with a fine duplex and side focus. Not too sure in the side focus is a parallex adjustment but I am sure somebody here knows.


Update on the Zeiss 6 x 24

I had it in my hand at the Shot Show but it is 2 months late (at least) for delivery. Maybe April delivery, 1/8 inch clicks and almost 58 MOA. Expensive. Only available with Mil-dot reticule. Side focus and target mounts. I have a picture somewhere if anyone needs it.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>absolute best scope <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>No such thing...

As far as the "best Scope" for "everyone", I have to agree with Boyd. There is no such animal to be found.

Each scope has features that attract or distract from the funtion as to the shooters likes and dislikes.

For instance I, like you, don't like certain reticules that have lots of lines, circles, numbers and such to impede my view. You had mentioned this about Nightforce and I agree. Some of their reticles are not real desireable for the hunter. There is one that is however and it's the MOST desirable in the Nightforce line, as told to me by a distributor. I'll mention it in a minute.

You also stated you want to have it simple and use a Bullet drop compensator type scope. I have never found one of those to be very accurate out to the 1000 yards that you mentioned you wanted to shoot to.

If you are an elk hunter (mainly) as your handle suggests, there are ways to pick a scope that may work for you.

I'm not sure how your measuring the distance to the different yardages but, this could mean you need an accurate rangeing device to know the EXACT distance to target.
You could have a rangefinder and then click your Dot or Duplex reticle from the drop chart taped on the side of his rifle or If you don't want to fool with that, you will "have" to have a ranging reticule.

If the rifle you are shooting is for hunting only and you don't want to fool with a rangefinder and the click system and as much as I don't like the verticle and horizontal lines in my field of view of what I'm about to say, I would suggest to you elk hunter, the Nightforce in the NXS 3 1/2X to 15X or the 5 1/2 to 22X with the R2 reticule for hunting purposes and what you mentioned you wanted to do.
You could range and shoot to 1000 yards (depending on the rifle used) with the built in 30MOA Total line spacing at 2MOA apart. There are 15 Horazontal lines that allow that. You can also range the distance off of that reticule too. You would still have the ability to click to target with the 1/4 MOA click system the NXS offers.

The problem with the Nightforce scope (compaired to the Leupold for instance) is the weight. They are heavier if your trying to keep the weight down to a minimum.

This is not a fool proof suggestion or system by any means because of every person likes and dislikes. It's just something that may work for your needs.

I personnally like to click to my targets but, the range I shoot is MUCH further then 1000 yards. The R2 may just work for you and for the distance you plan on shooting..

Later and just my 2 Cents worth

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Come on, guys - fess up. Everyone knows deep in their hearts that there is only one truly best scope in the world. This scope far and away outclasses ALL other brands in construction, durability, consistency and utility. Anyone who purchases anything else is a wannabe, or is cheap, or uninformed or is just plain dumb.

Just because you didn't think of it, or you're heavily invested in several inferior scopes from lesser manufacturers, or you sell something else, or you can't afford it, or whatever... Don't knock it - just accept the truth and move on.

Now let's hear it for the single greatest optical improvement since the Egyptians first learned to grind glass...

It's the Tasco Super Sniper! Yessss... Supah Snipah is fo' me!
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