A nice double


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Jun 11, 2010
Went calling for the first time this season. Put in 3 stands. First two were blanks, with one sighting about 800yds out. Third stand produced a nice double.

Took the first dog at 25yds, right in front of the mojo-critter decoy. Hit the pup distress for a minute. Nothing. Got back on the rabbit distress and about a minute later another dog showed up about 450yds out. He was circling toward some trees, so I waited until he stopped for a broadside about 375yds and dumped him with the 22-250.

We could use some more snow to make them a bit easier to see!


Anyone else been out?

cholla chomper

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Mar 28, 2010
Harris MN
I got out wed morning was a little foggy rolling in and out overlooking a cut corn field with a berm between it and another field called the rabbit distress a couple min had one about 500yds comming at me fog rolled across and lost sight of it so I called again and it started barking, yipping, and alot of other noise but could not see it was about 170yds out behind the berm and the weeds and grass on it, it went from right to left comming as close as 120 yds but could not see it thru the scope this went on for almost 20min and then it must of not liked something it started the warning yell and left the area. didnt get a shot but its fun getting them to come in anyway. also using a 22-250
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