Double double


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Nov 2, 2014
Another nice cool, calm day. Met some friends to call some coyotes. We setup along a hilltop, covering a large area where 3 valleys came together. After about 20 minutes, my friend to the south shot, and I saw the coyote heading out! He turned straight away and I gave him the Les Johnson at around 200. He did a couple flips and rolled into the bush. We went down to look for him, finding him just inside the tree line. We figured the stand was over when I got a text to play pup distress, as there was one hung up. I hit play on the call, and 4-5 minutes later saw our second yote sneaking down a trail. I found a lane through the bush and put a good shot on him! The 6mm was a bit rough on both of them. The first one is likely a write off, but the second one should sew up ok.


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