Got a double this morning......


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Feb 4, 2007
Buffalo, Wyoming
Got a double this morning with my calling partner Jim and his dog Shimer... our landowner had been bugged by them for a couple weeks.

316 yards on my male and 309 yards on the female Jim shot.

6x47 Lapua 105 Amax and 243 WSSM Oly Arms AR15 87 Vmax.




Here is a look back to where we called from... started 8 ridges down and snuck up to 2nd ridge back. they howled and wouldn't come so we moved up on them and called again. found them at 830 yards and called them in to where we shot them...

Nice double!! Are you decoying with the dog? I had a female Black and tan hound that love decoying, it was like taking candy from a baby!
I am jealous to say the least. I had them reply to my call here at the house last night, but I wasn't hunting.
I am going tonight to locate some.
If you guys had a double out here in NJ, you would be the talk of the town. They are really hard to hunt here.
Great job fellas!
thanks for the comments guys.

yes the dog is used for decoying. helps hold them a little this time of year. better in the summer though.

the 243 WSSM is my calling partners and he loves it. extremely accurate and great for the longer, fast follow up shots.

he actually has an extra 243wssm upper he might sell if you are interested, let me know.

Congrats on the Double!!!

I'd like to pick your brain a little about the 6X47 Lapua.
I'm getting my old 220 Swift re-barreled to the Improved version (6 Long Dasher). Is the A-Max the only bullet you've tried in it? What kind of 300 yd groups do ya get? Velocities, ect.

You can e-mail or PM if you'd prefer that.

Thanks, and congratulations again. Doubles and Tripples always made me feel like I was doing everything right.
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