8x32 Nightforce scope ???

Warren Barrett

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Mar 10, 2002
We were out today shooting at 1140 yards. The max power that could be used on this scope today was approximately 12 power. Above 12 power I couldn`t see the bulls eye because of unclarity. I had my friend to look through it to see if it was just me and it was the same thing for him. So I looked through his scope (4.5x14) set on full power at 14 and the target was very clear to my amazement. The objective was set at infinity and the scope was focused properly. This was the first time out past 100 yards with this rig and I`m in question with it`s clariness. Should this be expected from this scope?
S1, I`m not sure of your question but I`ll try. I`ve first focused it at 100yds. Then adjusted the objective till the parallex was as close as possible ( which indicated 400yds on the markings ). Then rechecked the focuss and can`t remember if it had to be moved again. Then Saturday, we set up to shoot longrange (1140yds. ). With the power setting on approx. 24 I couldn`t see our target clearly. I could see the target backing unclearly because it was white, but couldn`t see the bullseye, period. Let me back up and say that objective was set on infinity as I set up before I even looked through the scope. After not seeing the target I started readjusting the focus, but it didn`t help, it just made matters worse. I then started adjusting the power. As the power went up, naturally it got worse. As the power was turned down, it started helping. But it had to be powered down to approx. 12 power to shoot the target and still wasn`t as clear as should have been.
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