7mm ultra mag sizing


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Sep 26, 2008
I have a question. Can I run a 300 ultra mag brass in a 7mm ultra mag full lengh die and trim to correct lengh and shoot it in a 7mm ultra mag. I guees I am trying to say will that be the exact same as a 7mm ultra
Thanks Ted
Yes, I run 300rum Nosler brass for my 7rum. It's not great but it is better than Rem. The primer pockets last a little longer and it is more consistent. Dan
Thanks for the great info. Dan. The reason I was asking is I had ordered 500 once fired brass and noticed when sizing them the holes in some were the same as my 300 ultra and were very hard to size. I then got one of my 300 ultra and ran it in the 7 ultra die and it looked the same as the 7 ultra cases. I dont know a lot and am glad you guyes are around for the great info

Thanks again
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