7MM STW - ideas/suggestions ...



Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts related to the 7STW, please feel free to share.
nice caliber but :
need a long barrel difference between the the factory 26 inch and a 30 inch is impressive
need to form from 8 REM and clean the neck REM brand is not wonderfull in 7 STW , you can form from 300 HH WIN case too but neck will be a bit shorter
throat design is not really tight on SAAMI and with a match one that a easy way to make accuracy improvement
barrel pitch in 1 in 10 is fast enought for all bullet ( except perhaps the 180 VLD )
take care of carbon fouling , 7 STW enjoy very slow powder but in rather small bore ( 284 ) that make easy carbon fouling

good shooting

The 7STW seems to be remarkably accurate, particularely in a custom rifle. This big case offers its greatest potential with the heavier bullets. Although I normally shoot 140gr bullets for whitetail hunting, I have recently turned my attention to the 160gr Accubond by Nosler. This is one of the few "premium" bullets that shoots VERY well. With only limited load work up I have been shooting < .5 moa out to 200yds.

This should make a very deadly rifle/load combination for longrange hunting. My biggest problem is finding game at the longer ranges. Maybe I should stay out of the woods.

Hey Varmint Hunter,
How's it going? Thanks for replying ...
Is the recoil tolerable on your 7stw? And how does it affect accuracy?
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