7mm mag 23in barrel 168 berger hunter classic

Big Norm

Dec 7, 2012
I am reloading for a Savage 116 7mm mag with 23in factory fluted barrel with factory muzzle brake.

I currently load Nosler Accubond and ballistic tip in 140 and 150 grain using imr4350 with excellent results. I want to try the heavier 168gr berger vld hunter classic, my question is should I use a powder with a slower burn rate for the heavier bullet. If so how slow do I go.. According to the powder burn rate charts imr4350 is somewhat faster than most 7mm powders I have seen recommended, I chose it because of the published velocity in the Nosler 7 manual..

I have reloader 22, Retumbo, H1000, 4831sc, 4007ssc, imr 4064. I read a lot about Retumbo RL22 and H1000 but not sure which powder to use with the 168 berger ansd 23in barrel.. on the burn rate chart RL22 is about the middle of the road between the faster imr4350 and the slower Retumbo and H1000....


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Apr 17, 2012
My 7RM has a 26" barrel, with 160 NAB RL22 is the best by far. Fastest and as accurate as anything else. As far as Nosler's published velocity....they don't have your rifle.