7mag detachable mag


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Jul 6, 2008
I picked up a kwik klip for my "LA" in 7 mag that has the B&C M40 stock. My buddy and I check my cases in his and they fit. well i ended up changing my load with the 168vld's and now yes they don't fit.
I have tried to watch a ton of videos and reading but sometimes as you know you read in circles and get no where lol.
i do not have a ton of money to spend , and truthfully i don't need a drop box. if i fire 2 shots a year at animals in long range hunting situations , it don't matter to me really .
while just testing or target shooting it would be nice to have a 3 rounder or possibly a ten.. i can inlet a little if necessary

what system out there gives you a decent caol in their mags? with the 7mag and 168's i think i am somewhere around base to ogive 2.690. another load showed great potential at 300 yard testing but they were seated closer to the lands thus making them longer... what system wont break me and has decent mag length. ? Thanks guys!
Anyone know if magpul mags have the ability to seat around 3.4xx?
Or other companies at a decent cost?
somebody in here is shooting 7mag,300win etc and has to know exactly what companies offer mags excepting longer C.A.O.L. ? I do not mind inletting my stock a little bit as stated!
So magpuls handle long vld's? any other brands anyone knows handles longer oal
Thanks for replying. The kwik klip would only allow like 3.2. At least a Magpul accept 3.5 that should give me plenty for my Remington 7 Mag. I lay the gun down on a bench a few times a year and shoot anywhere for 400 + 900 + yards I don't need a aluminum or steel bottom metal that cost $400. I appreciate it but I'd rather put my money into something that's going to help me improve my game finding success or shooting success
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