788 Remington 6mm to 243 AI for brass access?


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Nov 22, 2014
Due to the lacking of 6MM brass in my area and the overall variety of .243 Winchester brass and a access to the reamer my business partner built his AI with would it be worth doing the conversion simply because the gun is due for a barrel and trigger group. The bolt lock sheered off on the stock trigger and it's beginning to wonder a bit on its groups. Looking at a pac nor 26" 1:8 sporter or similar. To be able to run over 105 grain I love the trajectory velocity and bullets available in the .243 calibre and the 6mm/.243ai are darn near mirrors in the average velocity ranges. So would be keeping a very similar gun to the original calibre. The other options would be to go .257 Roberts+p or ???? I'm trying to keep the standard magazine and a 243AI round will feed without modifying the original dropout so makes it a simple swap I can do on a budget. Opinions????

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