6.5x55 Mauser question for the smiths.


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Jul 25, 2009
Salmon, Idaho
I'm currently in process of having an old '98 Mauser rebarreled and would like to keep it as original as possible as it is something of a family heirloom. At the same time I want it to be a shooter and am planning on shooting the longer 130-140grn secant ogive type bullets through it. My question is will the standard long throat of a SAAMI 6.5x55 reamer designed for 160grn round nose bullets accomadate the 140grn Bergers and Hornady Interbonds? Keep in mind that this is a Mauser and has to feed out of the magazine so COAL is limited by magazine length and I want to be seated out near the lands. Any help?
I would suggest that you load a dummy cartridge, to your desired OAL, and send it to the reamer manufacturer of your choice. They can grind your reamer to suit your needs.
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