6.5x.284 Norma (Win) Hunting Loads


Dec 3, 2009
South Central Texas
Good Morning all. Been lurking here for some time and am glad I have found this forum. Seems to fill an information niche I have been looking for with good input.

I have a custom 6.5x.284, Krieger 26" #5 contour 1-9 barrel on a Mauser action, Accurate Innovation Stock and Timney trigger.

I am new to this Caliber and have not found an over abundance of information available as with other calibers I use. I am looking for some information regarding hunting loads. I have loaded Nosler 130 Accubonds as first rounds down the tube with a group of .250" or less, using 46.1 grs of RL-19 with an OAL of 2.870, expected MV around 2700. I have loaded some Hornady 120 gr A-Max yet to be fired, (weather) using 44.0 grains of Varget for small critters, OAL 2.833. Will fire and Chrono both, hopefully tomorrow.

Looking for a mix of loads to try. All input appreciated. Looking for some very accurate 100 yard MOA stuff on my own range and will test all at long range later in the month.

Glad to be here all.

Thanks for the heads up Roe Buck. Will shoot over there (no pun intended) this evening and see what is available. What powder are you using with your 140 load??

PS, just noticed your location Roe Buck. Should have guessed by your handle. My better half is on the way just south of you, Northern part of England to see the kids next week. Home alone here with all my shooting tools for a while.
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Thanks for the load Roninflag, am in progress getting some Lapua brass. In the mean time, I have sorted and fully prepped/neck-turned the Win brass I have. Looks like I will start out with about 44.grs of H 4350, which I have, and work from there. Sound about right?
Greetings all, long time away from the forum....Ahhhh, after doing this and that I ended up with 50 grains of IMR 4831, Fed GM primer, Lapua brass, Hornady Interlock 140 grain SP. MV 2913 with last groups sub .5 in. Took the rifle out to CTSA here in texas and was quite pleased to bust clays at 500 meters consistantly after working up my range card.

Will start another thread soon regarding my load for a 1646 yard shot on a local ranch I hunt on. Just can't resist the challange. I will be using a 7STW so keep an eye out for the thread as I will probably need ALL your help!!!

Thanks for all the input on this topic.
H4350 44.0 grains is a good light start. You can go up. I have great luck with CCI-BR2 primers and H4350. Also RE 17 and Fed210m. You will find that H4350 and H4831 are tough to beat in most rifles. RE17, 19 and 22 are also great in some rifles. Good luck.
My bench gun load (Rem 700 action) is 48.5 gr of H4350, Fed 210 GM match primers, 140gr Berger bullets (the Bergers work well for hunting also) Lapua brass. I would start at 43.5-44grs and work up from there. H4350 is highly recommended from the guys I talk to at Williamsport.
I just recently got a 6.5 X 284 Norma built I love it it shoots very well using a bipod and a rear bag im shooting .11 moa 3 shot groups. I have 1:8 Krieger 5R and using Lapua brass 52 grains of RL 19 and federal 210 primers and 140 Grain bergers . COAL 3.010", 2945-2940-2940 were what they average Good luck on the load.
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