6.5 wsm???


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Oct 28, 2008
New York, NY
Hey guys this may be a dumb question but is the 6.5 wsm the same as the 6.5/300 wsm? I know I can take the 270 wsm and neck down to 6.5 to get to the 6.5 wsm but wasn't sure if the 270 wsm was just a necked down 300 wsm that I would have to take 1 step further or if the parent case for the 270 vs the 300 were different. I can find dies for the 6.5/300 wsm but no 6.5 wsm I guess I assume there are the same just abbreviated, but don't like assuming when it comes to reloading so just wanted to check.. it would make sense but wanted to be sure.
Thanks for your help
Short answer is yes. The 270 and 300 WSM are the same case just different necks, the 7mm WSM is the oddball of the family. It's a tad longer than the other two.

You could do a 6.5/ 7mm WSM and gain a bit more case capacity, most however seem to use the 270/300WSM case.

+1... YES... I have necked down 300 WSM for my 270 WSM. Perfect fit without any trimming. Slightly heavier neck but no problem for a no-turn-neck chamber.

You'll hear about twice as many good reports as bad about 6.5 WSM. I have thought about doing it many times. But I can get 3200 fps with 150gr AB and almost 3300 fps with 135-140gr with my 270 WSM. The 6.5 WSM can't.
Still, it would be a fun caliber.

Good Shooting. :)

There are a few guy's over on Specialty Pistol that have them. Kirby's built a few, I think he was getting some crazy 120gr velocities if I remember correctly
In the next couple of months I will be running two different 6.5WSM's.
Once I know something I will be glad to share.
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