6.5 grendel and Burris Eliminator III

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    Jul 16, 2002
    So after a 1/4 mile snowshoe hike into the range today, it warmed up to 43, wind from 5:30 15 MPH but snow is still 4 feet deep.

    I shot some 123 SST factory loads and then some hand loads, my hand loads were 123 SST COL 2.240 and powder BLC 2, 31.6 Grain

    also I am testing the new Burris Eliminator III scope, with the grendel round

    the facotry ammo produced just under .5 moa

    hand load tested about the same.


    the scope is working very well, granted I only shot out to 409 yards but I was hitting a 3 inch target at 400 yards, with the scopes hold.

    I am shooting off of a bipod and a sand sock .

    I will run this scope out to 975 yards in 4 weeks, when I teach a long range class in May.


    the rifle is a 24 inch stainless, I built for Antelope