6.5/300 wby


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Oct 31, 2004
Selinsgrove Pennsylvania
anyone have experience with loads for 6.5/.300 wby mag. started showing pressure signs at 80 grains retumbo. chronoed decent, sd of 8. know i can do better but before i go burning barrels and spending money, just wanted to know if there are any suggestions out there. thank you


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Oct 5, 2007
What bullet are you planning on using. I am hinking your going to use either the 142 MK or one of the other 140grn type bullets. Try Reloader 22 and start with 79grns and work up to around 81grns. You should get excellent accuracy. In a 26" barrel, using 81grns of RL-22, you should get right around 3500 to 3550fps. If you have a 30" barrel, your looking at 3600 to 3650fps. My buddy shoots a 6.5-300 Weatherby with a 30" pipe. He uses the 139grn Lapua Scenar and runs it hot. He's getting 3700fps with this bullet. It's very accurate and fast, however, barrel life is short. I hope his helps.

Let me know what twist rate and length your barrel is. Also, what bullet are you planning on using. I will try to get some more info from my buddy. He is out of town right now, but I will still try to contact him.

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