6.5 / 300 wby ballistics


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Dec 1, 2002
hello everyone, I am looking for information/ballistics, for several middle weight calibers. the 6.5/300 wby, has been mentioned several times and does sound interesting. can anyone offer ballistics for it. with maybe a 28-30" bbl, 140 gn SMK's. I have a busted up back and consequently no longer able to stalk period.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks John,

The 6.5/300 Weatherby is a very good caliber .
To make the 142 gr and 155 gr Sierra Mk bullets perform well you must have an 8 twist barrel and I like the length to be at least 30".

The 142 will be propelled at 3350 FPS without too much problem.

A fine LR cartridge that was and still is for many of the LR deer hunters in PA. one of their favorite rifles.

It held the World Record group at Williamsport 25 years ago.

DC, Hello and thanks for the re-ply. With a proper fitting throat, how hard is this caliber on throats as the 7mm STW? which is probably the runner up to the 6.5's. For my intended long range hunting.
thanks John,

Depends on the amout of shots per outing and how hot you heat up your barrel each time.

I know of those who have over 2000 rounds through their 6.5/300 and it is still shooting well.

The recoil is a bit less then the 7 STW with a few grains heavier bullet.

The 7mm bullet has a better BC and some of the LR hunters did make a switch to the 7/300 Weatherby when the 6.5 barrel quit shooting.

You need the 8 twist in the 6.5 to really make it work well.

The 6.5/300 is also a very good flat shooting antalope rifle.

There are many shooters/hunters that like the 6.5 bullet better any other available.

A good friend of mine in Alaska had one chambered for wolf, coyote, Carabou and Moose hunting and I think he sleeps with that rifle, he likes it so well.

DC, thank you, the more i read about the various 6.5'S the more I like them. I know it is a different league of caliber. But i have also thought of the 6mm/06 IMP.
I do not shoot a bbl until it gets hot.
One last thing, I think my wife would shoot me, If I tried sleeping with my rifle.

Thanks again, John
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