SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5-284 shehane long range custom target / hunting rifle

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  1. Jasekt

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    Jun 24, 2012
    (5,400$) OBO This rifle is custom built hunting or target rifle. It is a 7,000$ rifle new. I just need to get my money back out of it. 1000 yard plus gun. It has 300 rounds through it, and it will shoot 3 inch groups at 800 yards. It has 3 turrets for different elevations and temperature over 1000 yards. It comes with 100 loaded rounds, and we can work out reloads for the future. You wont find a better rifle for the price. call text or email Jase 801 710 5653
    • Pearce action
    • 28 inch broton fluted barrel
    • A3 mcmillan adjustable cheak stock (sitka camo), glass bedded
    • 140 gr vld berger 3150 fps
    • 100 loaded rounds
    • Huskemaw scope
    • jewell trigger
    • 3 turrets

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