6.5-284 For Ruger M77 Medium Action.


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Aug 28, 2002
I am also looking to put something together in a 6.5-284 based on my Ruger M77 HB. It is currently chambered in 6mm Remington. I was using as an F-Class Rifle shooting 95 Grain Bereger VLDs at about 2900 FPS. I could get way higher than that but I had to bring the velocity way down to get virtually on hole groups from it.

I'm now rebarelling this along with some other rifles and am concerned about the action length for a 6.5-284 chambering. The Ruger apparently is a medium action, or so I understood when I ordered my single shot follower. Does that mean it's longer than a typical Ruger short action, or that the Ruger short action is slightly longer than a 700 short action?

I mainly want to know if the rifle will work as a repeater with 140-155 grain bullets. I know I'll have to seat them failry deep.



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