52gr, A-max for head shot on deer?


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Mar 4, 2004
n.w. pennsylvania
i shot 2 deer last year with 60 gr nosler partitions out of a 22-250... both were spine shots and the deer dropped in thier tracks.. i have a box of 52 gr a max sitting around. can i be confident in a humane kill with the a max with a head shot out to about 250 or 300 yds?? thanks
Personally, I do not like head shots with any round because the margin of error is so high with a head shot. There is alot of non vital area around the relatively small brain of a deer that will result in a lost deer that will surely die a slow death from the wound.

I also can not recommend any tipped bullet for use on deer except perhaps the 75 gr A-Max when used correctly, for shots behind the shoulder.

I have taken dozens of deer with a 22-250 so I am not saying this round can not be used for them, just that I would not recommend a head shot and certainly not at 250-300 yards and I would never use a tipped bullet either.

If you hit the brain it would surely kill a deer instantly, getting the bullet in the correct location is the tricky part.

There are much more effective bullets like your Partition for deer and much more effective shot placement. If your concerned about meat damage, shoot behind the shoulder about 4" and you will be away from teh shoulder plenty and this is a much easier and effective shot.

May not go down instantly but they will go down everytime within 100 yards with both lungs vented.

Good Shooting!!!

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bigsal - We shoot antelope and mulies and whitetails in the head all the time with 50 grain V-maxes out of the 22-250 AI, and with the 58 and 65 grainers with Varget and a 243 winchester. They don't go 100 yards either, more like 100 inches. Most humane way to kill them. these bullets work great for neck shots also. It is no problem, as long as you can shoot from a supported position, nice and steady like.

Heads move fast, so stick with the heart-lung area. You owe it to the animal to make the highest probability shot you can.
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH K2--cannot imagine an attempt at a head shot at any animal at 300 yds unless already wounded.
I'm sorry, what ever happened to sportsmanship? Not that the little bullet might not do the job, but why exactly are we attempting to define the limits at the possible expense of the animals we enjoy? Doing what is possible isn't always doing the right thing. No I am not a saint, nor a Bambi lover (except on the plate) but please.

Well put, better and shorter then I did anyway!

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Sorry guys...

Better if we keep to the requested info... we're sneaking over into the judgemental area a bit.


I've shot quite a few deer in the head (brain, not face) with the little 223 and light Sierra Matchkings without a problem. I've also shot them in the head at ranges a bit exceeding 300 yards but that was with a 6mm-06 and the 107 MK... They don't go far!!
I prefer to take the shot when they're grazing peacefully, head to the ground face on toward me or head erect facing straight away as it gives me a clear shot to the brain without too many bones.
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