.510 Lapua, doable?

it will be basically a straight wall case, even if you blow it out to minimum taper you wont have much of a shoulder about .010-.015 per side. not sure that it will even headspace properly with such a small shoulder
Go for all the gusto available. Trying to use the .510 bullets in the 'intermediate' cases such as the Lapua is simply fallacious. You need a bigger cartridge case diameter to insure positive headspace or do what the rest of us do and use the .460 Weatherby case where we have the belt to insure the headspace feature. The one I use is the .510 Wells Express.


It has also been referred to as the .500 A-Square rifle cartridge.
I believe can1010 would be correct about not having a shoulder and probably headspacing off the case mouth.
I also think that if you want the easiest solution for headspace it will be a belted case (mentioned by sable tireur).
I don't know if you already have the action with a certain bolt face or some reloading components you are wanting to utilize, or if you are just wanting to achieve a certain level of performance? I went with a .300 RUM case as I had a bunch of them & a standard magnum bolt face action I had to make a .510 cartridge. It does headspace off the case mouth, but I don't have issues as long as I monitor the case length. From a Savage long action I can run it as a repeater when loaded with spire point and flat nosed bullets.
A 510 Lapua improved should work, but have a pretty narrow shoulder. I'd probably still try it!

I played with a .510 wildcat off the straight walled 375 Ruger basic brass called the 50 PDE. It worked fine, it just headspaced off the case mouth like Bravo 4 mentioned.
When we tested these first loads on the Weatherby case, I found some .510, 600 grain Woodleigh Protected Point WeldCore 10B, which have always shot well in other cases. But one of the attendees want to bring his young son and asked if there was a slightly milder load he could try shooting. I ordered some Woodleigh .510, 440 grain RNSP ostensibly used for the 500 Black Powder Express. Over IMR-3031, I found a mild but accurate load for the young man to try.

He actually fired 4 rounds with aplomb then asked for another to try. All I had left was the 600 gr. full house loads. Oh well! I handed him one and he loaded the rifle while I moved to just behind him. Upon firing, the rifle muzzle described an arc up to about 45 degrees while the young man made 5 steps backwards where I broke his rearward movement. Yes, he held onto the rifle!:eek:;)

The smile on his face was incredible!:)

Build on whatever case suits your fancy and enjoy the shooting!

For dangerous game loads in high pressure cartridges remember that you want a fair amount of body taper in a rifle to make sure you get reliable extraction of the fired round in case follow up shot is required. Especially if you are planning a double rifle as they do not have the same strength in the extraction department as a bolt action.
I am looking to do a controlled round feed dangerous game rifle based on the lapua case- so reliability is a must. My 338 LAI is .568 at the shoulder .568 - .510 - .024 brass wall thickness = .034

I definitely don't want anything finicky when it comes to feed and function, but am looking for something cool and unique. I could always go down to .474 or .458. I have seen the .458 has already been done on the Lapua case. A .475 Lapua improved would be a pretty stout cartridge. I gotta think 500 grain bullets at 2600 fps would be doable
Could not find anything on it.
I found this on ammo-guide (though i let me subscription lapse after i found lots of the diagrams were off in angles and some measurements.

its more-so written and intended as a DGR not a LR caliber


Invented by Jeff 'jeffeosso' Smith of http://accuratereloading.com/ - the .500 Accurate Reloading is intended as the minimum .510" DGR (dangerous game rifle) cartridge. This is a shortened and improved .416 Rigby/.338 Lapua Magnum, necked to .510" to approximately 130 grains of water capacity.

Designed on 2/19/06 and revised on 2/1/07, the first working rifle is being built on an Enfield 1917, Winchester Bauska .510 24" barrel, 1:15 twist. It is designed to propel the 535 gr. bullet to 2350+ fps or the 600 gr bullet to 2150+ fps, matching the .500 Nitro Express/.500 Jeffery in a bolt gun.

While .500 Accurate Reloading operates at a higher pressure than the .500 Jeffery, it is not designed for high velocities like many other wildcats. The shorter length allows this round to be built into many standard length sporter rifles