.500S&W & .44Mag

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Been doing a little load development with my two newest shooting irons. I mounted a Harris bipod to my .500 and it really helps with keeping that smoke wagon steady. Sorry for blurry phone pics, but you get the jist. This first group is a 5 shot groups with the 350gn XTP Mag's, ahead of 42.0gns of W296 and CCI250's. That shot to the left was the first one of the 5 shot group. The other four nestled right in there together.

    The second group is from my Ruger .44 Mag Bisley SBH. Shooting the Friendswood hard cast .300gn FP from ahead of 20.0gn of W296. Shot the first 3, adjusted scope 20 clicks left and the next 3 were dead on. If you could pull the two groups together they would make a 6 shot golf ball size group. Both off the bench from 100yds.


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