50,40, and 30-yd. prairie dog kills


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Went out yesterday and got 3 out of about 20 shots with my new system on an old bow (Mathews Z-Max 55 lb.). Used some of the Wal-Mart special el cheapo arrows (Wolverines) and they're spot on. The 30-yd. kill was about a 1" tgt. believe it or not, just barely peeking above his mound from the lower part of his eye up. Wasn't even gonna try it but i thought, what the heck. Arrow made a "schlup" sound and didn't sail over the top. I blinked a couple times and thought i saw a tawny-looking bump about the middle of the arrow--sure enuf--





30 head--


I'm using 50-gr. field points from Easton for a bit lighter system and a blunt tip (the 30+40-yarder) made from an 8-32x1" machine screw/lock washers for adjusting the weight close to the field points--works great.
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Thks. pard! Man u need to get out there and do it some. I saw a dentist buddy of mine once shoot his 1st 1 at 40 yds. years ago. He was running around jubilant like a kid. With the newer faster carbons it really makes it fun. I'm running about 15% hits 30-50 yds. A better shooter could do better, i'm sure.
Congrats for the great shooting!!!
That is taking the sport to the edge, very coooooool. Great kills at those ranges to such a little target.
Thanks for posting.
JTG, believe it or not he wasn't dead. I think the arrow missed the brain cavity, and i had to finish the job. I couldn't believe it either as hard as that arrow must've hit with my blunt tip on it.
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