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Sep 11, 2005
Washington State.
LOL- I had the same experience the first time I shot my 458 Lott. I am also 6" bout 215 pounds. The first time I shot my Lott it kicked so hard I could not believe it. I had to shoot it again to confirm the recoil- I did; it really does kick that hard ! Ha ha..

As I said earlier in the thread I really like the Winchester Safari's- but in the world of dangerous game rifles they are light. 9 pounds in the case of the 458 win mag my Lott started life as.

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Oct 28, 2015
Have the CZ-550 in what was a 458 Lott and is now a 450ackley.
The 450ackley case length is 2.85 versus the 2.80 on the lott and the 450ackley
has a slight shoulder which makes reloading very easy.

I use a 416 Rem Mag case with a button taper sizer and run it one time through the sizing die and ready to go.

My go to load in the 450ackley is 95 grain 748 with the 500 grain Hornady solid
for 2350 fps.

The 450ackley is very versatile as you can shoot 458 win mag, 450 watts and 458 lott in the rifle as well.

A CZ-550 in 458 win mag or 458 lott can easily be reamed to 450ackley.

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