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Jan 29, 2004
santa fe new mexico
I was wondering how accurate and deadly for long range shooting is the 45-70? The reason I ask is because I was looking at the 45-70's in the new cabelas shooting catalog and they say they used to kill buffalo with these rifles out to 1000 yards. I was just curious if these rifles were for pretty or if you could actualy use them for long range shooting. Sorry to bother you guys but I was just curious.
They still shoot 1000 yd matches with these type of rifles. Accuracy runs about 1 1/2 MOA at best. Just gonna take a lot more practice with one of these, but is doable.
BCPR shooters consistently shoot 2moa and under using black powder. I feel that with smokeless and "modern" actions/stocks/scope, you could approach 1moa.

The biggest problem is wind drift at long range. Bad enough with a 308, now do the same thing with a bullet going 1/2 the speed (twice the travel time).

There is a class out on the east coast for these cartridges. You may want to contact the NRA to get more info.

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