4320 for .223, 243, and 30-06

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  1. gregw83

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    Feb 9, 2014
    Anyone have any good results with this combo in 65-80gr bullet weights? I bought some by mistake 2 or 3 years ago, and haven't done much with it. I also have a tub of Varget, which from what I understand has nearly the same burn rate. I picked it up meaning to get 4350 for my 30-06. I use the varget for heavier .223, and 110gr varmint bullets out of the 06. I have a new 243 on order, and need some ideas on some loads. I guess I could use it in place of the varget for my 110gr varmint 06 load since accuracy won't be that great no matter what the powder choice. that's just one of those loads that are more so meant to be a magic trick (watch as this woodchuck disappear) than anything considered accurate.
  2. Lefty7mmstw

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    May 13, 2012
    4320 is one of the original powders for the 30-06 and well suited to it with mid-weight bullets. It'll also make a [email protected] sing a heck of a song:D:D:D, and that's why I have a keg of it.

    243 win with 80 gr. pill

    Powder IMR 4320
    Bullet Diameter .243"
    C.O.L. 2.635"
    Starting Load
    Grains 37.0
    Velocity (ft/s) 3,132
    Pressure 44,000 CUP
    Maximum Load
    Grains 40.5
    Velocity (ft/s) 3,339
    Pressure 50,600 CUP

    30-06 with 150 grain pill

    IMR Powder IMR 4320
    Bullet Diameter .308"
    C.O.L. 3.250"
    Starting Load
    Grains 49.0
    Velocity (ft/s) 2,850
    Pressure 51,600 PSI
    Maximum Load
    Grains 52.3
    Velocity (ft/s) 3,016
    Pressure 58,000 PSI

    look around a bit for data; this powder at one time was very popular but with big is better like rifle cartridges are today, some of the good mid speed powders just don't get the respect they deserve.
  3. LoneTraveler

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    Feb 7, 2014
    I used to load a lot of DuPont 4320 powder with Hornady 70 and 75 gr. or
    Speer 80 gr. Bullets in 243 Win. Many Groundhogs fell to these loads. Good Luck.
  4. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    Used to ground hog hunt with a fellow that used IMR 4320 with Sierra 60 gr HP in a 243 Win that was benchrest rifle accurate and would red mist a hog.

    Speaking of IMR 4320 I don't even remember how I came to have a pound I had had it so long. I got a new 14" 30-30AI barrel made for my T/C Contender pistol by MGM. I needed to fire form cases for it. I looked through my stuff to come up with some "junk" to do this. Found the 4320 in the back of the powder cave looked up 30-30 Win data and found some for 150 gr bullets. I also found a bag of PULLED from military 7.62 ammo 147 gr FMJ laying around. I loaded up 50 with a starting load in new WW cases with Wolf LR primers. I bore sighted the Weaver 2.5-8X28 scope by looking through the bore and lining up the scope so I was on the paper for my first shot. After 3 shots I was on target at 100 yards. With the 47 rounds left I and two friends, one had never shot a Contender pistol before, proceeded to put them into a group that measured 2" outside to outside. Don't know the velocity but it sure was accurate. Turned out that this barrel is super accurate and SMOKES deer with 125 Nosler ballistic tips at 2670 fps with IMR 4198.
  5. Gary Kaney

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    Feb 23, 2003
    I've only tried it in my 308 to save my Varget. Load density was about 75 to 80% and velocity was about 75 fps slower on my low node.
  6. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    i use varget and I4064 in .243 for 88 grain and under. I use varget in 30-06 165 to 168 . i have used I4320 in both it did great. also THE powder for .17 rem and 220 swift.
  7. Sargesniper

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    Jan 9, 2013

    I used 4320 under a SMK in 30/06 with more than acceptable results.

    Winchester Model 70 Target 24" BBL

    168 Gr. Sierra M/K
    47.2 Gr. Imr 4320
    Fed. 210/M
    LC Match case
    seated to 3.340"
    3/4" @ 200 yds.