338 YOGI 300g Deer Hunting Story


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Mar 17, 2002
I got out this after noon and set up the portable bench and started glassing, the snow covered land scape for deer. They would stand out and be hungry with the 10"to 12" or snow on the ground. I was out for about 1 hr and then I saw one in a clearing. Got the Wild on the deer and ranged, it was 900 meters ranged it agene to make sure of the range still 900 meters. Walked over to rifle and got my drop chart it called for 20 MOA of elevation. Checked the wind 7mph switching from 7:00 to 7:30 the chart said 4.7 for 10mph wind from 9:00 so I used 2 MOA for windage and 19 MOA for elevation for the tale wind and put the cross hare from the Nightforce 8x32 scope on set on 28 power on here just behind the shoulder sinter mass and pulled the trigger. The 338 YOGI gave a loud bark and I watched the 300g SMK impact the deer's side. The deer fell over and I loaded a round just in case the deer moved. I watched in the scope for 5 minuets the deer was down for good. Loded up and drove down to see how the 338 300g SMK worked. On arrival I noticed the exit wound was 3" but couldn't find the entrance wound. When I got home I skinned the deer and found the entrance wound it was a small entrance. I found a piece of jacket on the skin by the exit wound 1/8" by 3/4". This deer died quick and the 300g bullet worked very good I will keep using this combination of cartridge and bullet in the future one more believer I will post photos of the woond when they get developed.

Crow Mag

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This is the exit wound and jacket image


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Great shot CM. That finger looks small!
Way to go!!

Right click on the pic icon and copy properties URL then past into address bar and hit go... the pics show up then, don't know why they don't show up here but this usually works.
One more belever. I just got home form hunting up north and got another deer. This one was in a big field eating. I had set the portable bench on a rise in the south end of the field. The deer came out of a swamp in the north west corner and started moving out in to the field I ranged with the Wild and came up with 1110 meters with little wind 3 MPH at 4:00 the doe stood in one spot eating as I set the scope for elevation and windage 29.5 MOA up and 1.25 MOA in to the wind. Asked my spotter for another reading from the Wild he said still 1110 meters. I put the cross hair on the does chest just behind the shoulder and pulled the trigger. The deer ran 25 yards and fell over and did not move we walked down to get the deer. On arrival found the exit wound it was smaller then the last Deer I shot about 1 1/2 in after gutting there was good results inside bullet worked as expected.The bullet went in-between the ribs going in and hit one rib on the way out. The rifle was my 338 Yogi with 300g SMK.

Crow Mag
Crowmag, if you don`t mind me asking, which ballistics progam are you using and windometer? It seems as though they are accurate and you have gotten it down pat. Congradulations on the long range kills you`ve been making lately.
I am using the JBM Program that I modify a little. The charts are in meters so I do not have to convert to yards to mach the Wild range finder. When I shoot I take Temp, Barometer, and Humidity, readings and compare the charts to my notes for reel world shots in similar conditions. I practice at all the I shoot in all kinds of wind and weather (rain snow) . When I go out to shoot I will put targets at unknown distances and set up the Wild range finder and start ranging and shooting. My goal is to hit on the first shot. I use streamers and mirage weeds and trees for wind readings. I have used wind meters in the past. I use to race sail boats nationally and have a good feel for wind.

Crow Mag

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I was looking at the Oehler how do you like it? When making a drop chart out to 2500 meters can you go in 20 meter increments?
Crow Mag
It works a little different depending on the total range of the chart. Up to 1000 yds it's as low as 20yd increments, up to 1500 it's 30yds, up to 2000 it's 40 and up to 2500 it's 50 yd increments. It has four increment selections for each one of these scales mentioned, the others are higher. I'm not sure if Oehler has a demo download of the program, it might be worth a check. I think they do for the M43 PBL software.

The 20 yard increments are really needed beyond 1000yds where they start increasing it to 30 and so on, *** backwards if you ask me. Other than that it's the best program with all the nice features, charts, graphs and ammo/bullet database etc.

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FYI: Oehler does have a demo available on their site. I was just there the other day and got it. I have used their original program for at least 8 yrs and am looking to update...

Many people don't condone MatchKings for sporting use, but do you know the funny thing about actually using them? Well the 165gr. HPBT GameKing(No. 2140) IS a 168gr. HPBT MatchKing with its nose swaged into a four corner point. In the past I have killed 17 deer with that particular bullet fired from a .308 Win. I have had more instant kills with that combo than all the other bullets I've tried. Too bad Sierra wouldn't offer the 300 gr., .338 cal. MatchKing in the same configuration........then you really would see an impressive exit wound!!!
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