338 rum load data needed


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Jun 19, 2011
I have to many rifles I load with h1000. Which I can't enough of. Found 4 pounds of hodgdons 50 big powder. Anyone have load data for the 338 rum iusing 50 bmg powder.
Thanks everyone
H 50bmg is very slow for the 338RUM but of course doable.


Please someone remind me the dangers of excessively slow powders not filled to decent capacity. Secondary wave pressure?
Going to be running 300 bergers for now.
i also have some imr7828.
50 bmg does look to slow. So i might use it
in my 300 rum. Would only lose 40fps. Maybe. With 30" barrel should give it time to best use the 50 bmg powder.
i have 8 pounds of both.7828 338 and 50 for the 338.
RL33 is giving excellent results in my 338 RUM. 50BMG and RL50 are both too slow for this cartridge. Of course you can use it, but it will not be ideal.

RL33 is in stock at powdervalley right now.
Retumbo works great in my 338 Rum. Hope this helps.

It does help a lot. Retumbo and h1000 is what I planned on using. Both are like looking for a unicorn in kC. What I do have I use in my 300 ultra mag and my 243.
I have both the the imr7828 and imr7828ssc
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