338 lapua with 285 amax


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Mar 21, 2013
I love to shoot amax out of my 308 and ran across some for my 338 was going to load some up to try and wanted to see if anyone has tried them and what was the out come of them any input would be great!
You actually found some old AMAX and not the new replacement ELD-M?

I've shot limited amounts of both factory offerings and both were easily sub MOA.

I've done a fair amount of reloading with the ELD-M (chosen because I knew that projectile would shoot) and I keep flirting with breaking below 1/2 MOA. I got horrible velocity ES on the low end of the powder charge scale but good accuracy and ES once I got to the midrange and upward. I was using H1000 and if I were starting all over I wouldn't even bother with anything below 84 grains.

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