338 lapua oal


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Aug 8, 2009
I recently got a 338 lapua built by mt. rifle. It has there barrel, a 99 action...etc.
Now the only bullets i could get locally were 250 smks. I also have a modified case for my stoney pt. oal gauge, so i checked oal several times and came up 3.745 i was thinking about setting it up at 3.720.
Does that not seem way to long or am i missing something, also does anybody have some fav. loads with retumbo,7828,h-1000, or any others i have both fed 215s and fed210s.
I,m going on a hog hunt friday for a wk, and would love to get this gun rolling, i have never shot it and can,t wait.
Oh and btw the gun has only been shot 38 times by previos owner.
Thanks in advance...Pat


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