338 lapua custom ammo.


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Oct 20, 2012
Hey all,
I am new to this forum and fairly new to long range. So I will have alot of questions reguarding the 338 lapua. I just baught a custom 338 lapua, it was originally a 30-378 made by dana campbell from alaska before he passed away, it now is a 338lapua with a dakota action, and a 26in shillen barrel 1 10 twist. The rifle is still on its way. I have not started reloading yet, that will come into play within the next year. As for now I want to get some custom made ammo so I can shoot the gun some before I get into reloading for it. I will most likely shoot my deer with it this year. If you where going to get custom ammo made for it what would you go with I would like to stay around the 200 to 250 grain for deer. I know either way its overkill but what would be a good round for my set up. Thanks for the advice and I am open to all opinions as I am a rookie to this caliber. And also if anyone is wondering why a 338 lapua, I just had to have one I guess. Its not my only gun and wont be my last
I would look at the 210 or 225 grain Barnes TTSX, 215 grain sierra gameking, 225 grain SST, 225 grain accubond, or even the 225 grain speer spitzer. All would be a good choice for deer, what would your max range be?
My max range will most likely be around 600 650 depending if I can get confident with the gun by then
Then any of the above bullets would work great, what bullet do you plan to reload after you've shot the gun some?
I am not real sure yet what ammo i am going to go with once i start reloading, i know its going to be in the lapua brass. I only got a swaroski 3by10 on it right now, but plan to upgrade to night force or a vortex ( i just got the razor hd spotting scope and love it). I want to find a good downrange load and stick with it, i know the 300grs have a great bc but i normally dont need to shoot a 300gr. I wanted to go with something fairly flat out to a grand. But then again i think i maybe should go with 300 smks and let the gun do what it was made for. If you have any suggestions from what you have learned from trial and error please let me know.
I am not sure if you read my last post back to you but i was also wondering what you have for reloading equipment as i would like to get into that sooner then later. And also i am from the dickinson area i graduated from Dhs in 07, actually live north of taylor though.
Also my barrel is a 26in shilen if that changes the ball game much, i know most suggest 26 to 30in
I am shooting the 280 grain Barnes LRX with great accuracy, probably the 3 most common bullets that are used for long range are the 300 grain smk, 300 grain berger otm, and the 225 grain accubond used to be the go to bullet for long range hunting.
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