.338 Lapua Ammo Question


Sep 14, 2001
I am purchasing a .338 Lapua rifle. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Lapua loaded ammo for a reasonable price? Any info would be helpful.
I've owned Dakota Longbow chambered for the .338 Lapua for over a year now and from the start realized that the only way to go with this calibre (and all others in the same class or heavier) is to purchase the components and get into some serious "post-graduate" loading/re-loading yourself. When I first acquired my Longbow I bought a box of factory ammo for it and never looked back after shooting it. It cost $85.00 (20 rds.) and shot like ****! The stuff I load for myself, however, shoots beautifully (as long as I do my job . . . . . which isn't always) and costs about $50.00/20 rds. (if you're factoring in for NEW brass). The thing is, Lapua brass is strong stuff and I've reloaded it for my Longbow 6 times using 250-grain Scenars and 89.5 grains of VV N560. The result is a bullet leaving a 28" barrel at speeds of over 3100 fps (on a summer afternoon outside of Houston, TX). It goes a little slower in cooler climates and at higher altitudes.


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Thanks for you help David. I am not much of a realoader, but may have to start doing some of it just to afford to feed this beast. The Best price I have found on Lapua loaded ammo is $83.00/20 for the Lock base or Scenar. That is another question for you. Do you think that the Scenar or Lock base is best for extended range accuracy?
You are the only person that I know that owns a Dakota Longbow. Are they as good as they say? I am going with the Sako TRG 42. I currently have a Sako TRG 22 & it is awesome, it prints 1/4" or less groups at 100 meters with Federal Gold Medal 168's. I am interested in any advice. Thanks.
One more question..Where can I find Ballistics on Lapua loaded ammo? Just a basic chart on velocities & energy at different ranges.
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