338 EDGE

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
I have had several inquries about the 338 EDGE. The 338 EDGE is simply a 300 ultra case necked out to 338. This is a 338-300 Ultra Mag. I named it the 338 EDGE as soon as the .100" shorter 338 Ultra Mag came out to avoid customer confusion about what cases might be fired in it. My current HTIR (hard target interdiction rifle, pronounced "hitter") uses a 30" Hart barrel 1-10 twist, 300 gr Sierra MK, H1000, and Fed match mag primers to shoot 2970-3000 fps depending on the rifle. this has proven to be a great combination as groups are always under 1/2" right out of the box and I provide a test target to the end customer @ 300 yards usually under 1 inch, some as small as the high 6's. The Accurate Rifle magazine did an article on the original HTIR in October 2002. The original ran a 26" tube and 250 gr SMK'S. Jacob Gottfredson wrote the article and commented that it almost shot through 3/8" steel plate at 1000 yards.I hate almost, so I upgraded power. If anyone else has long range hunting info with this round I would like to here about it.
"Edge" is not that catchy of a name though. If you called it the "338 LoveHammer" or the "338 RUMrunner", now that would be catchy. I'm sure you can get this chambering from Pacnor, but where can the dies be had?

....so I emailed Redding to find out exactly what they offer on the 338/300 RUM. Hence the response below.

Hi Ronnie.

Thank you for your interest in Redding Reloading Equipment. We offer full length, neck sizing and seating dies for the 338/300 REM ULTRA MAG, and all are in stock. A full length set (full & seating dies) is $135.00 and a Deluxe Set (full, neck & seating dies) is $210.00. Shipping is free on prepaid orders, or we can ship COD. We aren't setup for charge cards.

The full length sizing die comes with a tapered size button for necking up the 300 REM ULTRA MAG cases. We don't offer our Competition Dies for the 338/300, or make them on a custom basis.


Patrick T. Ryan
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