338 AX owners?


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Jul 7, 2008
columbia falls, mt
i would be pleased to find out how fast everyone is getting their 300gr SMKs to go out of a 30" tube with good brass life. i know they can be pushed fast, but is assume it is detrimental to the life of some very expensive Lapua brass. i am hoping for 8-10 reloads @2950-3000fps. Is this reasonable? thanks greg
From the link below:

338 Allen Xpress
338 Lapua Magnum parent case, fireformed to Allen Magnum shoulder and body configuration.
200 gr. (3350 to 3450 fps in 27-30" barrels) to 300 gr. SMK or ULD RBBT (2850 to 2950 fps in 27-30" barrels)
Designed for heavy game out to long range.
Appropriate powders: H4831, Rl-22, Rl-25, H-1000, Ramshot Magnum, Retumbo

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