338-06 Experience


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Jul 28, 2005
Working on my first Savage rebuild; purchased used with decent 30-06 factory barrel. Upon researching options for a new barrel, the 338-06 on paper looks to be an excellent candidate to upgrade for Western big game hunting. According to the tables, not much less velocity than 338 Win Mag but much more energy than the 30-06, plus potential for improved BC and SD for accuracy. Looking at this as a 400yd elk gun, I'm interested in first hand experiences with this caliber in terms of range limitation and results.
Have hunted with your caliber or a version of the 338 X06 for many years.

If you reload then you can appreciate the benefits of the 338 X06. The 180 and 200 grain Accubonds will put anything down at any reasonable range you can accurately shoot.

The biggest advantage is the fact that it is a heavy hitting cartridge without the heavy hitting recoil.

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