308 Win. Target bullet or Hunting bullet

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    I have a Rem 700 SPS Tactical in 308 I have been playing with. I put a brake on it and a Bobby Hart LRT stock topped with a Burris 6x-24x Black Diamond. I have been using the Berger168gr VLD target bullets and can keep them in a 3 inch circle at 500 Meters ( 560 yds.) .
    If I want to use it for hunting deer, bear, mountain lion, coyotes, cause it is easier to carry than my 338 Ultra mag. for shorter ranges should I just use the bergers ( are they more than capeable for effective one shot kills, I don't want to hit a bear or Mtn lion here in AZ and have to look for it or loose it. ) or should I go with a 125 gr Nosler BT or Accubond or a 130 gr Barnes TTSX for more penetration? Which means I have to do more load development, that I don't really mind gun).
    I have done some searching and a lot of guys like the 125 to 130 gr bullets for hunting in their 308's. I have also read that a lot of guys hunt with the Bergers with good results.
    What do my fellow LRH experts have to say.
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    Nov 3, 2008
    I think you should stick with the Bergers. But I have made up my mind and glad that I did for the bullet I have chosen. I am using the 168 Nosler Hunting Balistic tip in my .308 this year and probably forever. I have put together a really good load with good velocity using AR Comp powder by Alliant. The reason I have chosen the Nosler Ballistic tip is due to it low speed expansion capability. I can attest to its accuracy. It has a .490 BC, that is pretty much spot on. I put together a 1.5" group at 718yds and .116" at 100yds with this rifle. Mind you it is not a bench rifle. The smallest groups was shot off the bench and the 1.5" group was shot prone. I have not used Berger's in that weight yet, so not sure how they would do in my rifle. But I have a feeling the Berger will do all you want it to in the field should you decide to go that route.

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    Oct 11, 2011
    What made you put the brake on? Not much kick and now its a heck of a lot louder for you! gun)Stick with the Bergers if they're putting those groups up for you.