308 vs 30 06

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  1. lallo

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    Dec 26, 2004
    What is the difference between these two calibers? What can the 30 06 do that the 308 can´t do and vice versa?
    Thinking about deer,elk and caribou hunting.
  2. demarpaint

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    Jun 14, 2002
    308 is a more accurate round and quite easy to load for. 30-06 has the slight edge in velocity and energy, it is better suited for heavier .308 bullets. (200 gr and up). I have both and prefer the .308. Hope this helps.

    Frank D
  3. Guest

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    As factory guns go the 308 probably has the accuracy edge but tin a custom gun their equal , the 30-06 will probably give 100-200 fps with hand loads and will show this more noticably with the heavier bullets.
    The 308 has ALOT more factory match type loads
    Personaly I don't think that you would see a differance ballisticaly until you got out to 500+yds then I still don't think the animal would know the differance.
  4. kraky

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    Sep 4, 2001
    I've got a couple guns in each caliber. The .308 can come in some real nice lightweight compact guns. The '06 has the case capacity (IMHO) to be more flexible. I recently wanted to buy a BAR and couldn't make up my mind between the two calibers. After doing a little studying I figured that in "like" guns the difference in velocity between the two is used up in 75-100 yds. Being that where I hunt I would never get a shot over 200 yds I figured the difference was definately meaningless between the two. AND being that most shots are under 100 I came to believe the bullets would actually have better terminal performance in the .308 than the '06. (HOW MANY posts have you seen where a guy starts by saying he had a bullet failure in a .308??))!! I guess if it's gonna be a "one gun" arsenal I'd go '06 but for where I do most my hunting the .308 is definately the better choice.