307 gr 338 AMax Any news ??


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May 19, 2008
Quite some time ago there were murmerings about this bullet, does anyone have an up date on these are they going to happen? or was it a white elephant?

We still waiting for the Berger 300 gr er too any one know?

Chomping at bit to try either of them out.

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Hornady has no current plan to manufacture a 300 or 300+ grain 338.
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Well that sucks.

Thanks for reply anyway, clears it up.
Hopefully one day Hornady will see that there is a market for these projectiles and manufacture them.

Regards 300WSMMAD
My best guess with both Hornady and Berger isn't so much they don't care about this particular market as it is they're to busy trying to keep up with demand/s on the rest of their bullets.

I'm sure everyone would agree I/we would rather wait till Berger or Hornady has a tried and trued product to put on the shelf rather than a subpar product that had issues.

Until then Sierra and Lapua 300gr pills seem to be readily available.
I called Hornady today and he told me that RD are working on a couple of heavier bullets but he dose not see a release date any time soon.That they haven't even settled on a weight yet on most of the heaver bullets. I told them to get on the ball.
Would the BC beat everything else in it's class like the 208 grain Amax? If so it would probably be in the .9ish range, correct? AND cheaper than Bergers?
They are in fact working on a 300ish grain 338 bullet in AMAX configuration.

Is your info. straight from Hornady staff? Timeframe?

I've read several different posts following phone conversations with Hornady, and they were all thumbs down on anything currently in development. By that I mean Hornady hasn't even committed their resources to producing a 300ish grain 338.
The final weight is not set at 307 specifically, but in the 300 gr range. It is a R&D project but not something that is set in stone about production for any number of reasons.

I would be really suprised if the BC was higher or even the same as the Berger. It will be up there pretty close but that is a guess o nmy part.

I was contacted by a guy from Hornady about 338 LR bullets and info/opinions on long range hunting performance. I believe they are looking into it. Does that mean anything will see production? I couldn't tell you. It does mean they are working on it. It would be nice to have options other than the 300 SMK. I am patiently awaiting the Berger bullet and would be interested in a Hornady offering especially a polymer tipped amax version in 300 gr range. I know my answer is sort of noncommital but it is all I have.
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