300wsm striker

It depends on what bullet weight you are shooting. I am getting 2670 fps with 125 ballistic tips out of my 14" 30-30AI Contender. It is a deer smoker.:D
I have a ballistic twin to the 300 WSM: my 30-338 Win Mag.

I shoot this in a 16.5" Encore barrel and get the following:

Berger 175 VLD @ 2846 FPS
Nosler 180 BT @ 2800 FPS
Hornady 165 IB @ 2826 FPS

The 300 WSM should, in similar length barrels, do virtually the same.

So, did you buy it yet? Wheres the pictures to prove it? Shot it yet? Hows the flame blast?gun)

Inquiring minds want to know.

And I know someone who makes custom mid grip Striker stocks as well as a few custom makers out there, if that would be an interest of yours?

You can always rebarrel it to any magnum caliber, like 7 WSM (my favorite future caliber). Heck, I've even got a 110 300 WSM rifle barrel you can get for very little to cut down and make a hunting barrel if you like.


I did buy a 308 striker with intentions to rebarell to 300/7 saum trying to stay away from wsm to prevent confusion with the two saum that I now have also have a rear grip 100r in 7-08 coming. I would be interested in a after market stock not sure about the laminated one on it . Waiting on 7-08 xp before I go any further.
My pops has one of the Striker pistols in 300 wsm and it roughly matches '06 ballistics in a rifle. He is getting 2800~2900 fps with a 165 grain in his pistol. He's swapped bullets and loads of late so I'm not exactly sure what he's using at present. I did see him pop a good deer with it at 300 yards and change a few years back though.
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