300wm H1000 loads

IMO there aren't any! h1000 is slow burning and made for heavier 300 WM. You can about fill the case with 85 grains of H1000 and push in a 168 grain bullet and only create maybe 52000 psi and get it going 3100 fps.

H1000 will only shine in the 180 grain and above
What do you suggest??
I like to stick with IMR or H powders

This can get you started:

For a 168 gr bullet, it's showing H1000 as the 2nd fastest. Hybrid 100V being the fastest but I am really not familar with that powder and if it is or isn't temp stable like H1000, H4350, Varget (seems like Hybrid 100V is NOT).

I'd probably mess around with H4350 in that weight class of bullets.

Who has some good H1000 loads using 160-170g bullets?
What bullets, i.e., Berger, Hornady, etc.? I have three 300 WMs, all shooting better with >180. If you have not seen it, do a search; BROZ has a thread with overwhelming success with Berger 210/215 and an H1000 load.