300 WSM A5 By C.M. WOW!!



Hey Guys..

If you follwed Dave's thread then you know about this rifle.. got it Fri. Shot 5 break in shot today before it got windy...all I have to say is HOLY CRAP!!!




Here's the first 5 outta the rifle..

1st shot 9:00... and the next 4 ... well you can see where they are!


THANK YOU .... Chris Matthews!!!

WHY DID YOU GO AND DO THAT????? You have any idea how much these photos are going to end up costing other folks???

I'm still working on making the little lady happy, I gotta get some money out of her soon.

You know... I know why Dollie looks so happy up at Harrisburg... You're not spending money or hatching plans behind her back... she knows because she's right there with you keeping an eye out.
Wyo, your rifle is amost identical to mine...

Mine is woodland camo and a badger brake.


i see u cant afford targets after putting that project together[just kidding]nice group and nice rifle.looks like my 6.5-284,only u have a have little more into yours-ditto on the load im thinking about putting together a rig just like that with a 28"or 30" tube so i can make better use of the 200g bullets,nice-dave
Here's the info.

200 gr SMK
62.0 grs H4350 Extreme
2800 FPS avg.

with the OPS Inc. Break this load kicks about as much as a 243 100gr bullet load. AWESOME!!!

Ok here's the trick all my, .308 caliber bullets like to be seated .020 off the lands. I tried further and the groups opened up.. went back to .020 and bingo back to little holes!

Now get this, the barrel length on this rifle is only 24"!

that's 914 ft. lbs @ 1000 yards
and a 317" drop @ 1000 yards

WOO HOO !!!!!

see Dave I told ya! I couldn't be happier!

Thanks again to Chris M.!!

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oops, just saw it in the title...300wsm.

I am new to posting. I have a great pic of a target I shot up that I would just love to post. how is it done? any help will be greatly appreciated.
Dr. John,

Love the OPS Inc. Noise is actually reduced. Pretty neat design they have.

Read about it here

I use Imageevent for photo's once you learn it..it's nice..

For now if ya e-mail me I can post it for ya

Nice rig there.
Have I got first dibbs when you're ready to sell this one.

Can you get more than 2800 with that load?

I'm kind of curious about the max loads in the 300 WSM, so any more data you get on it, I for one would like to hear all about. My dad's WSM seems like a faster barrel than most, so I'm trying to get a broad range of data for a future rifle.

Hey very funnny....
I have always wanted just 3 rifles.. 3 exactly to fit my needs.
I can say I have 1 of the three. I have plans for the 2nd as we "type" Sorry to say this one won't be for sale... but I know where you can get one...

Ok to your questions...
With H4350 I am just barely starting to show extractor marks.. so I think I am maxed out with the 200 gr bullet and H4350. I think I can get faster with RL 19 but that powder seems to be temp sensitive...

I shot 6 more break in rounds today.. If I posted the target you would be amazed. I literally have 3 shots in one hole.. got to dark to take a pic.. and I didn't want to take the target down.. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. I averaged 2800 fps again..

Keep in mind Brent I am getting this from a 24" 11T barrel.. I may be wrong but I feel that is awesome from a short barrel!

I will keep you posted o the data I collect..
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